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25 Things to Love About Your Kid with ADHD

It can be challenging to raise a hyperactive child. When life get's tough, it is easy to forget the wonderful qualities a child with endless energy can bring to the table.

Below is a list I give out to parents raising their own tiny tornado. Put it on your fridge and add your own positive observations about your child!

Kids with ADHD:

1. Rarely lack the energy required to do something.

2. Are rarely boring.

3. Tend to think more creatively.

4. Tend to see solutions neurotypicals don't.

5. Often grow up to be innovators and entrepreneurs.

6. Have razor-sharp, unwavering focus on things that interest them.

7. Are curious.

8. Are eager.

9. Are spontaneous.

10. Are sensitive.

11. Are ambitious.

12. Want to help others.

13. Can find order in chaos.

14. Are good problem solvers.

15. Can keep themselves occupied.

16. Are imaginative.

17. Are interested in learning new things.

18. Aren't limited by boundaries.

19. Are passionate and enthusiastic.

20. Are persistent.

21. Are willing to explore.

22. Think outside the box.

23. Have a heightened intuition.

24. Are resilient.

25. Dream big.

Are you dealing with an aggressive child, hyperactive adolescent, or defiant teenager? Contact me today to see if therapy would be a good fit for you and your child.

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